8 Old-Fashioned Gestures That Will Help You In The Relationship

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8 Old-Fashioned Gestures That Will Help You In The Relationship

There used to be etiquette, norms of propriety, as well as understanding that a woman is more than just a body for the night. In the same XIX century, there was a mass of good traditions, which even today will favorably set you apart from the rough peasant crowd. Here are just a few romantic relationship gestures that will make you more attractive to any woman.

1.    Song.

Earlier it was a grand gesture to save the relationship. Songs were written not only by poets but also by those who had no idea how to put beautiful song lines together. However, the girl will still be pleased to listen to the song (even a bad one), which has been written specifically for her. She can think of you as a naive guy, but she can also fall in love with this kind of naivety.

2.    Love letter.

A letter on paper is much better than any e-mail message, and it is one of the best romantic gestures for long distance relationships. Paper is an object of the material world, something tangible, something real. Words on paper will also be much more real than words in electronic format. Therefore, the banal phrase, "I love you," written on paper, is several times more important than the same phrase written on the keyboard.

3.    Dinner that is prepared by you.

It isn’t necessarily to be a chef to make a good dinner. You have the Internet. Just buy the ingredients, do it all by a recipe, and that's it. Just do not choose something too complicated, you're not Gordon Ramsey. If you do not know what to cook, then cook the pasta with seafood. The canonic romantic dinner also includes a decorated table: candles, beautiful napkins, a good wine. This can be a gesture of commitment in a relationship.

4.    The practice of chivalry.

Chivalry, as a phenomenon of relationships between people, still lives in the hearts of many people. Most women hope that their men will open the door in front of them, kiss their hands, show all respect by means of etiquette. Seriously, if girls for marriage do not like this kind of care, then they, probably, have a problem.

5.    Give up the technology.

People often blame new technologies for the fact that adequate romanticism becomes ridiculous and unpretentious over time. Smartphones, laptops, social networks are guilty of that. All because you stopped being alone with a girl, instead of that, both of you look at the screen, sending messages to friends right in the middle of a date. Try to forget about your phone when you are on a date. At least for the sake of experiment.

6.    Dance.

What each gesture means in a relationship? For example, dance is a special language. Classical Latin American dances, which can be applied not so much in the club as alone with the girl. In these dances, a man, as a rule, always leads a woman, so a girlfriend does not need to know the movements, you need to know that. As a result, she will believe that you will lead her in the relationship also.

7.    Handmade gifts.

It's clear that a modern girl will be more pleased with an expensive smartphone than with something made by you, but this is true only for the majority, but you do not need a majority, you need someone who will be close to the ideal. If this is so, then make something for this girl. If she likes it, and she is happy, then you have found a good person.

8.    Respect.

There was the level of respect in the relationship 100 years ago. In the XIX century, no one knew the meaning of feminism, emancipation, and other high-profile themes, but women were still respected. This is indicated by the amount of time it took to have sex for the first time. The preludes had a character not only sexual but also sensual.

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