How You Can Lose Fat Successfully In 4 Weeks

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How You Can Lose Fat Successfully In 4 Weeks

How You Can Lose Fat Successfully In 4 Weeks

If you are planning to diet and slim down, you must have imagined your dream body. A lean and sculpted body, with strong visible muscles in the correct places, is all you want. Anyone would wish to have this body. When it comes to a fat-loss workout routine, you need to do demanding exercises that lead to an increase in your heart rate. You should remember to have short rest periods. An effective fat loss program should include circuits, alternating between the upper and lower body movements. During your exercises, do some interval training where you work out and have some rest between each exercise. Fat loss can also be boosted by use of steroide that are specifically designed for the shedding of fat. A combination of steroids and workouts will guarantee a fat loss within a short time. Here is how you can get lean with a month's training.

Having a balanced program

This is a four-week training program that focuses on all your muscle groups, specifically working on your abs and glutes. A balanced attack helps in developing a proportional physique by working on every muscle group. However, you do not have to fully exhaust yourself in every exercise. Listening to your body is important and giving it rest when it needs it. Try to lift as much weight as you can, but stay within comfortable limits. The objective here is to create a strong mind-muscle connection for each of the exercises you perform weekly.

Build muscle in order to burn fats

Getting lean is not just about burning fats. It also involves the increase of muscle which eventually helps burn fat, even when at rest. A workout plan for building muscles should revolve around 8-15 reps for each movement, and also have 45-60 seconds rest periods between the movements. Lift heavier to gain strength. Incorporate a variety of training tools and techniques so that the workouts become more challenging.

Do more work for less time

Perform different workouts using varied equipment to make sure you get challenged. For each of the workouts, go for the maximum number of reps you can do. However, if you manage to hit 20 reps, then it is time to increase the weights during your next exercise. Put more emphasis on lifting, as it aids in muscle development and burning of calories.

·         Week 1

Perform 3-4 sets involving 12-15 reps for each set. The objective here is getting your body get used to the workouts. Use a challenging weight, one you can do up to 12 reps with. Your workout program should involve 2 days of upper body workouts, 2 days for the lower body and a final full body workout to close the week.

·         Week 2

In this week, raise your weights. You will probably be unable to do more than 8-10 reps.  Reduce your rep ranges for each of the sets to around 6-10 reps. Throughout the whole four weeks, maintain the same resistance load for all the sets of any workout, while adding weight for each workout. Remember to do warmup exercises before any heavy lifting, as it steers you away from injuries.

·         Week 3

Now increase your set count to 4 sets for every exercise but maintain the same weight as that of the previous week. This will overload the muscles with the volume increase, thus allowing you to burn calories.

·         Week 4

Maintain the working weights as before, and now increase your sets to 5 for each exercise. This again progressively overloads your muscles, leading to effective fat burning.

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